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Welcome to my online gallery! My art explores and represents the transformation of challenges, changes and grief into gifts, opportunities and blessings. A former opera singer, my work is heavily influenced by words and music (see my Hidden Word collection). In fact, this is how I approach commissioned works. I start with your mantra, word of the year, favorite line of poetry, etc., and use it as the foundation of an original painting that will remind you of your inspiration every time you see it.

I am inspired by the Japanese art of Kintsugi -- both for its physical beauty and for the philosophy of illuminating the events (breaks) in the life of the pottery, making it more beautiful than it was before (see my Kintsugi collection). This is also how I see grief and healing: by shining a light on and out of our old wounds, losses, and hurts, we become transformed into more beautiful versions of ourselves. An avid doodler and traveler, I've also included earlier works based on my travels (see Kaleidoscope and Martha's Vineyard collections).


You can sort the images by Collection or by their status (Available/Sold). If you wish to purchase an original painting, please click on the image for more details, and then click on "Purchase". This will send me a message, and I will then reach out to you to discuss framing, shipping and payment options. You can also click "Inquire" if you have any questions about an individual piece.

Thanks for visiting!

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