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Empowered Voice Studio

Empowered Voice Studio


Experience what it means to find your Voice!

Do you wish to develop a confident, powerful voice and presence?

Do you wish to rid yourself of vocal fatigue from speaking throughout your day?

Do you wish to tap in to your creativity and the ability to fully express without hesitation?

Erika Person

I'm Erika Person, and my goal as a voice teacher and vocal coach is to help you connect to your voice and your innermost truth, and to express those as fully -- and as freely -- as possible. Whether you’re a pro or an amateur, a student, a public speaker, litigator, or corporate executive, I want you to be empowered by your voice and your ability to express yourself fully and freely, using the fundamentals of classical vocal technique and innovative curriculum designed to help you connect to your full potential - all while having FUN!

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A series of instructional sessions for aspiring singers of all levels designed to increase range, stamina, confidence, and musicianship.



For committed students dedicated to exploration and enjoyment of process, voice lessons provide a way to find your voice through singing.


Voice lessons are for you if you wish to:

- gain confidence in your vocal ability

- increase your range and stamina

- sing with ease and vocal freedom

- get more joy from singing

- connect more fully to your songs

- express more easily

One of the issues with traditional classical study is a potential for rigidity - the desire to "do it right" oftentimes leads to tension, which can keep singers from feeling free and truly enjoying singing. 

Students who wish to be accepted into Empowered Voice Studio must be willing to explore and play! Regardless of age or ability level, having a curious and open mind allows us to learn with freedom. 

I provide a fun, supportive, non-judgmental environment in which to learn and thrive.


A la carte Lessons:

$120/hour (subject to schedule availability)

5 Lesson package:

$500 (save $100!)

10 Lesson package:

$900 (save $300!)

Lessons are held in Pasadena or via FaceTime/Skype. The above rates do not include travel fees. If you wish for me to come to you, please request a quote.​ Payment may be paid via cash, check, Venmo, Zelle, or Paypal BEFORE the lesson. Lesson packages must be paid in full. If you wish to commit to a package but cannot afford the full payment, please request information about a payment plan.

Contact Me About taking Voice Lessons


Working with Erika was exciting from the start. She brings a special energy to the room. Starting your first series of voice lessons can be a bit intimidating, but Erika was always encouraging along the way. With her guidance, I was able to reduce the amount of control my sub-conscience was having on me, in believing that I was doing something or sounding terribly wrong, when in fact I was just learning how to ride a bike that I had never ridden. Erika stretched my vocal range. She pushed me to go above and beyond my vocal capacities and explore what was hidden inside my voice. She used a combination of traditional & modern vocal techniques throughout our process. Overall, her enthusiasm, exceedingly fun energy and atmosphere that she created made it a joy for me to work with her, and I would do it all over again.

Corbin F. | Actor

Empowered Voice


Find your voice and experience the freedom of vocal wellness! Empowered Voice Program™ is a 12-week program designed to help those who wish to gain the tools to improve vocal function, stamina, and health by developing a greater awareness and execution of mind-body coordination through speaking and/or singing.

  • Increase your confidence in being a more effective leader/communicator

  • Be more present without over-delivering to be heard

  • Release yourself from overcompensation based on fear of not being seen as capable, competent, or having all the answers

  • Stop ending the day feeling hoarse / vocally fatigued

  • Stop feeling exhausted from trying to communicate


I have always wanted to feel confident knowing I could break out in song if and when I wanted to. In all the years I attempted to learn to sing, I was never able to stay with a teacher long enough to learn more than one song, and I never felt confident with what I was singing. With every other teacher, I grew tired and frustrated.

Erika was the first teacher who made me look forward to every lesson. She understands my needs and desires.  Erika is patient, kind, and knowledgeable. She corrects, advises, and brings out the best in me all while being encouraging. She makes it clear that singing is a learning process, encouraging me to learn at my own pace and reminding me that nothing is impossible. With Erika’s teaching, I have been able to break through many barriers, both physically and emotionally.

Erika has helped me build a repertoire of songs.  I am proud to say that with her encouragement, I have been able to confidently sing in front of an audience.  There is nothing better than having fun while you learn. After every lesson with Erika, I find I walk a little taller with a spring in my step and smile on my face. 

Marjorie J. | HR Director


STEP 1: Establishing a Clear Foundation

We will discuss your perceived source of obstacles, begin the process for mental reframing, and select a song, monologue, or presentation/speaking script material or your choice to work on throughout the program together.

STEP 2: Finding Your Voice

Part of finding your voice is releasing insistence and old patterns. We'll throw "correct" out the window and have some fun making sounds in a light-hearted way!

STEP 3: Embracing Vulnerability

Because sound comes from within, it is very personal. We'll work to create sounds from a non-judgmental place of openness so that you can release tension in the body and create sound from a place of freedom.

STEP 4: Understanding the Body

In order to coordinate, it helps to know what the body is actually doing physiologically. We will discuss the mechanics of breath and body coordination and apply that to what you actually feel when you make sound.

STEP 5: Sounding with Ease

We'll explore phonation, resonance, and inflection in a way that makes speaking and singing powerful and efficient.

STEP 6: Tending Your Own Garden

You will learn how to speak from a centered place and present state so that you can connect without over-producing and over-compensating.

STEP 7: Integration

Time for more play! We'll start applying your new tools to your chosen material in a way that isn't overwhelming and discover how to use those tools throughout the day.

STEP 8: Discovering External Influences

We'll explore the effects of nutrition and lifestyle on the voice and freedom of expression.

STEP 9: Empowered Communication

How we speak to with ourselves and others in different environments and circumstances is an essential part of communicating from a place of empowerment. We'll discuss language and create practices that implement the principles of positive psychology into your thoughts and actions.

STEP 10: Connecting to Words

Our understanding of the words we say and how we say them is essential in order to connect with others. We'll use your chosen material to learn how to really use text in a powerful, effective way.

STEP 11: Finding Enjoyment in Expression

You will learn how to present your medium from a place of personal enjoyment (rather than trying to please everyone else) - and discover how fun it is to connect with yourself as you connect with others!

STEP 12: Doing It On Your Own

You will work on a new piece of material and reflect back the process you've learned so you can feel confident implementing the techniques by yourself.

Program Investment (12 sessions + in-between session email support): $1500

Sessions are held in Pasadena or online. If you wish for me to come to you, a separate travel fee applies - please request a quote. The program must be paid in full before beginning. If you wish to commit to the program but cannot afford payment in full, please request information about a payment plan.

Those who wish to be accepted into the Empowered Voice Program must be willing to explore and play! Regardless of age or ability level, having a curious and open mind allows us to learn with freedom. 

I provide a fun, supportive, non-judgmental environment in which to learn and thrive.

Contact Me About the Empowered Voice Program


I have been helping others to find their voice for 20 years, in addition to performing professionally for the past 25 years both internationally and throughout the US. I earned a B.A. in Music from the University of Redlands and a M.M. in Voice & Opera Performance from Binghamton University. I'm also a two-time participant in the acclaimed OperaWorks program in California, which encourages "out of the box" thinking and utilizes elements of positive psychology to help artists learn to express themselves without constant self-judgment. As a result, I take a very holistic approach to singing. To carry this approach into the rest of my life, I became an integrative nutrition health coach in 2014 when I graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I believe in creating EASE -- personal ease, vocal ease, expressive ease, physical ease, by releasing the tensions and the thought patterns that hold us back. I tailor each lesson to each individual student, and it would be my honor to help you find your authentic, empowered voice!

To inquire about taking voice (or beginning piano) lessons, the Empowered Voice Program, and to schedule a consultation, please contact me here.


I briefly took voice lessons in my late teens, in my early twenties I was asked by a music producer to cover Rick Astley “Never Gonna Give you Up,” and in my thirties I tried to sing my own created tune for the Kids TV show that I had developed. On all three occasions, my voice failed badly. Now, in my forties I have two teenage children, who are very musical and I realized I still carried this desire to sing (well). Besides, how much fun would would it be to make music with my kids?! So I plucked up all my courage and signed up with Erika. It was one of the best things ever. There was no pressure, no judgement, but a lot of fun. With her light hearted yet insightful approach, my singing PTSD slowly faded. Besides learning how to sing and training my voice, I also learned that I subconsciously wanted to learn to “have my own voice” and being heard. In each lesson, I was fascinated what we can do with our voice, where in our body to take our breath from, envision how and from where in our body to sing different tones, giving our voice an intention, and setting it free. And together we did set it free quite a bit. Erika’s voice lessons taught me so much more than practicing head voice, transition, chest voice and proper breathing. It taught me to have fun with it and not worry too much if it’s perfect or not.  Our voice is an extraordinary thing, and lessons with Erika are a true gift.

Verena B.


I met Erika when we were in an opera together. She was one of the lead roles and I was in the chorus. Erika stood apart not only as an excellent vocalist but as a kind and generous person.  She was always humble and treated each person that she encountered equally, from the crew to the chorus members to those she worked with directly. Everyone who knew her would remark on her ability to draw people together in community. Because of her character and because of her vocal skills I wanted to hire Erika as my vocal teacher and I did. We worked together for a year or so and I would have stayed in her studio longer had my life circumstances not drawn me away from NYC where we met for lessons. Erika’s lessons taught me to open up my voice by improving my breathing technique, widening my range to include lower notes, and to work on repertoire that I had been told in the past that I was not “right” for.  I not only gained skill but gained confidence. I am positive that I flourished in Erika’s studio not only because of her teaching skills but also because I felt safe and nurtured and valued. Before working with Erika I had become insecure about my sound and held back, but with her I became more confident and I grew more empowered to branch out of my comfort zone. Thank you for all that you have done for me Erika Person, you will always be in my heart and voice!

Julie B. | Music Educator & Cantor

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