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To Your Health!

Dear Readers,

I want to give you all a little giftie, care of the good people at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I just finished watching a 3-part lecture by David Wolfe, famous raw foodist. He’s amazing! Witty, incredibly knowledgeable, and very passionate about raw foodism. I’m already a smoothie junkie, but his presentation on Smoothie Alchemy was inspiring. He was using super foods I’d never considered! Anyway, since I’m on a little raw food kick, I give you IIN’s Raw Foods Guide. Just click the link below and learn more than you ever thought about raw foods. It’s so easy to add raw food (anything cooked to a temperature NOT exceeding 42 degrees Celsius or 118 Fahrenheit qualifies) to your diet — and now, with this beautiful guide, it’s even easier! Enjoy! And especially when going raw, don’t forget to chew your food! ;)

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