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The Space Between...

Yesterday’s yoga lesson was about the space between. The space between thoughts, between breaths. The massage I got after class seemed to be about the space between my cranium and my spine, between my vertebrae. I really need to cultivate the space between. That that space, that expansiveness, is where our true essence resides. The space between our matter is our Spirit, and that is who we truly are — beautiful, free, ever-expanding Spirits…in a material world. The challenge is to engage and live in the Spirit, The Space Between, and to float through the chaos and matter of reality. I know for myself that I am caught by the trappings of reality – clothing, possessions, my physical body, money…all of it. It occurs to me that fear is actually a product of our material life, not our spiritual life. What do we fear? I think usually it’s LOSS — of love, of family, of money, of power, of freedom, of life, of STUFF. But if the self is truly identified as the Spirit, the matter through which we come to define ourselves becomes simply STUFF. (This is particularly apt as I am embarking on a major closet purge at home. I have a lot of stuff, and it is cluttering up both my environment and my mind.) Some of it is beloved stuff that we attach to powerful memories, but as they say, “You can’t take it with you.” When we die, all we take with us is our Spirit, our Space Between.

Imagine the Space Between in other areas of your life. The Space Between items on your to-do list – that’s where you live. The Space Between your ideal and your reality – that’s where you grow. The Space Between two people – that’s where you come together. When we communicate with each other, the core of what we need to say, the truth, comes from the space between. When we actively listen, we learn to hear the space between the words; we give the other person a chance to express what comes up in the space between their thoughts, between their breaths, between their words. In that space between thoughts is infinite wonder and knowing and possibility. In that space is the truth you never knew about yourself. It’s forgiveness, and acceptance, and growth, and change, and release. It’s peace.

Make regular dates with yourself to explore the space between your thoughts, the space between your breath. It can be challenging in this material world of go-go-go/more-more-more!, but like anything worth doing, it takes practice. Try it in a quiet place or on the A Train at rush hour or at 2am with your teething toddler. Turn your gaze inward and notice what you find in that space. You will likely find the room you need to grow, to get to know who it is you are meant to be, who it is you already are. You will find compassion. You will meet your Spirit — the spirit who is connected to your ancestors, to the network of All Souls, to the Interspirit Highway (I just made that up, but I like it. It came to me in The Space Between…). You will find your infinite potential, your place in this spiritual world. You will lose your fear of failure and loss, because you will have found, and learned to inhabit, your own marvelous light.


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about The Diva

I’m a California native, recently returned to the L.A. area after 15 years as an opera singer in the Big Apple. Singing has always been my favorite means of communication and self-expression. I’m a self-conscious self-editor, so singing someone else’s words and music has given me the freedom over the years to express what I couldn’t figure out how to say. Well, I’m tired of editing, so here I am, writing my own words (for better or worse). Welcome to my blog! I’ll write mostly about singing and eating, and how the two have intersected in my life.


My overall health is pretty good (and it’s a lot better than it used to be). Thank God, I’ve never had major illnesses. But repeat sinus infections for an opera singer is pretty bad news. When I realized I was making myself sick with what I was eating (hello coffee, fried food, and refined sugar!), it was a huge wake-up call. I could likely have saved myself an invasive surgery if I had known that my fibroids were growing because of my highly inflammatory diet. I thought surgery was my best option, because it was what my doctor recommended! (By the way, I have kept my fibroids in check and improved my sinus health – and lost 25 pounds – by engaging in new food habits that reduce inflammation.)


We have become a magic pill culture. Sit in front of the TV for 5 minutes, and you’re bombarded by direct-to-consumer pharmaceutical marketing. “Do you suffer from heartburn so bad it makes you vomit? Never fear. Go ahead and eat that plateful of atomic buffalo wings, wash it down with a bottle of red wine, and take this little pill. You’ll be right as rain.” UGH. (I paraphrase, but you get the idea.) Actually, you’ll end up with chronic inflammation, which can lead to serious illness. (Cancer, anyone?) Have you ever considered that the bloating and discomfort you feel after a meal is NOT normal? Do you want to get off of your OTC (and possibly even your prescription) meds? Do you want to quit your daily Advil habit? You can do it by making a few, simple changes to your diet. (Countless people have even reversed their diabetes by changing what and how they eat. Diabetes!!) Food can change the world — and YOUR LIFE.


If you have struggled with sugar or other food addiction, poor sleep, intense stress, brain fog, blocked creativity, with the feeling that you haven’t reached your potential, and you are looking for an ally to help achieve your best health, unlock your super powers, and live a dynamic life, please contact me at to set up a FREE 1-hour consultation and learn more about one-on-one and group coaching options… The Diva will help you Digest, too, and live an authentic, dynamic life. ;)


Thanks for stopping by. Make today your best day yet!! Remember: Life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful. (-Anonymous) It just has to be authentic. (-Me)