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Iolanthe in IOLANTHE at NYU's Skirball Center

"...the dramatic climax – Iolanthe’s final plea on Strephon’s behalf in Erika Person’s eloquent rendition of ‘He loves! If in the bygone years’." 

(David M. Rice, ClassicalSource, Nov. 8, 2015)


“In the title role of fairy mother figure Iolanthe, Erika Person will use her mezzo voice and sincere acting strength to bring to life one of the most moving moments in all of the Gilbert & Sullivan canon.”

(Press Release,, Oct. 17, 2015)


Angeline & Her Tattooed Man (VHRP LIVE!)

“Erika Person made her company debut and revealed a fine aptitude for the style, probably based on her success with New York Gilbert and Sullivan Players. She had the fine diction and dramatic sense required for 'Mrs. Grundy' from Old Dutch, a 1909 work.”

(Meche Kroop,, Nov. 20, 2015)


Claire (ON THE TOWN) in concert - Leonard Bernstein Remembered

"...the evening progressed to “Carried Away” from On the Town, sung by Erika Person Werner and Eric Werner – not surprisingly a duo with a strong and appealing rapport. They projected its giddy subject matter with flair."

(Rorianne Schrade,, Oct. 19, 2015)


Lady Angela in Patience at Symphony Space

"Commendable, unsurprisingly, were the precise choral contributions and ensembles “I hear the soft note of the echoing voice,” the sestette for Lady Angela (Erika Person), Lady Saphir (Amy Maude Helfer), Lady Ella (Meredith Borden), the Colonel, the Duke, and Major Murgatroyd (Matthew Wages), and “If Saphir I choose to marry,” the quintet for Angela, Saphir, the Duke, the Major, and the Colonel."

(Bruce-Michael Gelbert -, Jan. 4, 2014)


"Secondary roles provide some of the richest opportunities in the Savoy canon, which the players are always keen to seize. David Wannen, Matthew Wages and Daniel Greenwood were terrific as the dragoon officers. Erika Person, Amy Maude Helfer and Meredith Borden did vibrant work as their opposite numbers among the maidens."

(Steve Smith, New York Times, Jan. 5, 2014)


"Matthew Wages, David Wannen, and Daniel Greenwood make handsome, stalwart dragoon officers, and Erika Person, Amy Maude Helfer and Meredith Borden are charming as the three principle [sic] maidens. All are fine vocalists as well as dancers, executing David Auxier's lively choreography flawlessly and with style."

(Frederick M. Winship, UPI, Jan. 6, 2014)


In Concert on Martha's Vineyard

"A few contemporary pieces filled out the bill and showed off the singers’ versatility. Mezzo soprano Erika Person and tenor Glenn Seven Allen charmed the crowd with a spirited duet to Cole Porter’s “De-Lovely”... Ms. Person, a veteran of the New York Gilbert & Sullivan Players, displayed her comedic chops in a song in which she staggered and hiccuped adorably as she wove her way through the tables as a drunk girl in “La Périchole” by Offenbach. In duets and solos, Ms. Person showed off the vocal talent that has earned her and has appeared at Carnegie Hall and the New York City Center."

(Gwyn McAllister, MVTimes, Oct. 23, 2013)




“Sisters Edith (Erika Person), Kate (Amy Maude Helfer) and Isabel (Jennifer Piacenti) stood out from the other wards as precocious, strong willed girls, with delightfully unique quirks.”

(Erica Laxson, DC Metro Theater Arts, Jun. 30, 2012)


Teresa in LA SONNAMBULA, Salt Marsh Opera

"The six talented principals were uncommonly well-balanced. ...Erika Person (Teresa) [displayed] an expressive, solidly-produced mezzo." 

(David Shengold, Opera Magazine, Feb. 2012 issue)


Dame Hannah in RUDDIGORE, New York Gilbert & Sullivan Players

"Best of all was Erika Person as ... Dame Hannah. Her natural acting and artful singing made the most of that relatively small part. In fact, the usually dull second act ballad ... was ... the musical and dramatic highpoint. Sung with vitality ... a powerful emotional resonance."

(Harry Forbes, Forbes on Film & Footlight, Jan. 15, 2010)


"Erika Person is most affecting as Rose's steadfast aunt Hannah (who was once betrothed to Roderick)."

(Brian Scott Lipton,, Jan. 15, 2010)


Maddalena in RIGOLETTO, Opera Company of the Highlands

"For their excellent dramatic/acting abilities in addition to their vocal prowess, C. David Morrow as the man who puts a curse on Rigoletto, Erika Person as Maddalena and Nathan Baer as Sparafucile need be mentioned."

(The Catskill Chronicle, July 15, 2010)


Lady Sophy in UTOPIA, LIMITED, New York Gilbert & Sullivan Players

"Erika Person brought a dignified presence and creamy tone to her numbers."

(Harry Forbes, Forbes On Film & Footlight, November 23, 2010)

"...there was much to enjoy in the work of the company’s stylish soloists, including ...Erika Person (Sophy)..."

(Steve Smith, New York Times, November 22, 2010)


In concert with Annapolis Opera

"Person...proved to be a deft comedienne."

(Baltimore Sun, Apr. 23, 2010)


Mercedes in CARMEN with Annapolis Opera

“Gypsy characters were well sung by Erika Person as Mercedes, Laura Choi Stuart as Frasquita, Charles Stanton as Dancairo and Kerry Lee Jennings as Remendado. Together, they delivered an inspired Act 2 quintet with Mutchler's Carmen.”

(Mary Johnson, The Baltimore Sun, Mar. 12, 2008)


Adalgisa in NORMA, Delaware Valley Opera Company

“…mezzo Erika Person…played an impressive foil to the soprano….”

(The River Reporter, Aug. 2, 2007)


“In a duet…the two women's voices not only blend beautifully but also, without any accompaniment, deliver a sublime passage of parallel phrasing. Person also pleads her character's case with elegance of tone and poignancy of feeling.”

(Times Herald Record, July 31, 2007)


Phoebe in THE YEOMEN OF THE GUARD, New York Gilbert & Sullivan Players

“As a spunky, lusty Phoebe Meryll, lyric mezzo-soprano Erika Person sparkled…”

(, Jan. 2007)


“A congenial cast all around, other standouts included the tart-tongued Phoebe (Person)…”

(, Jan. 7, 2007)


“Erika Person and David Wannen provide the broader comedy highlights in this one, as the romantically starry-eyed Phoebe and the brutish Wilfred, the head jailor and assistant tormentor who courts her.”

(Michael Dale,, Jan. 9, 2007)


Quintessential G&S - NYGASP at City Center

“Other highlights included…the quick-tongued trio of Erika Person, Keith Jurosko and Stephen O'Brien bringing down the house withRuddigore's famous ‘Matter Patter’, known as "My Eyes are Fully Open.”

(Michael Dale,, Jan. 16, 2006)


Iolanthe in IOLANTHE, New York Gilbert & Sullivan Players

"David Wannen as Strephon, Jennifer Ly Ann Rose as Phyllis, and Erika Person as Iolanthe, are all charmingly splendid in their roles."

(David Kennerley, GayCityNews, Jan. 15, 2004)


"…the singers gave solid and often vocally appealing performances. For sweetness of tone, Erika Person in the title role…held the spotlight firmly."

(The New York Times, Jan. 14, 2004)


“As is customary with this company’s productions, a number of the key roles are played by promising newcomers…(including) Erika Person in the title role…”

(CurtainUp, Jan. 16, 2004)


Martha Jefferson in 1776, Cider Mill Playhouse

“The high quality of the principals’ singing voices gave mediocre songs unexpected sparkle. In particular, Erika Person as Martha Jefferson imbued her character’s only tune, a not overly bright ballad, with operatic nobility.”

(Press & Sun Bulletin, June 2, 2001)


Mrs. McLean in SUSANNAH, Indianapolis Opera

"…a fine supporting cast of elders and wives, particularly Erika Lee Person, who chills blood with the set of her shoulders."

(Nuvo, March 16, 2000)


Edith in THE PIRATES OF PENZANCE, Binghamton Summer Savoyards

“Erika Person shone in her supporting role as the ring leader of the Major General’s wards, with a voice that seemed comfortable both sky high and in the basement.”

(Press & Sun Bulletin, July 10, 1998)

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